World Championships in Japan - March 2009

Japan World Champs was awesome. We were staying at a hotel with all the other competitors which would usually be a little too much, but Inawashiro had the facilities to accomodate the entire field. Errol and I both had a great time in the hotel and eating in the buffets. Now, onto the important info. Qualifying was great, as usual. Errol and I made the decision to put it all on the line in the 1st rd and use the best skis. The 93's were rolling in qualifying and then we used them in the first round. We had to throw all of our cards on the table to get out of the first round. It worked. Now we have that monkey off our backs, we finally advanced! So that was good, but then we got knocked out in the next round so it was a bummer. Both Errol and I really like qualifying fast, but it's in the heats where we have prove ourselves. It will come, and before we know it we'll be in the finals.

Home for a couple days and then off to Switzerland. Lets get a podium!


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