Training at Mt Bachelor, Oregon - May, 2009

For anyone that reads Homey's Corner sorry I haven't written anything in awhile, it's been a busy season with all the travel, camps already happening and also my move from ski tech at the beginning of the year to head coach part way through. So here's an update of whats been going on.

We just got done with 6 days on snow at Mt. Bachelor and it was everything we could have asked for. I've gotta hand it to Mt. Bachelor and the grooming dept. for making awesome terrain and a great surface. We had 1 day of freeskiing and then 5 days of start and terrain work and also running full-length super-g over a ton of terrain. I think it was after the 3rd day Errol already stated that this was the best training he's ever had and it only got better.  A couple things that worked really well about the camp was the snow surface, half the days were still winter snow and hard. The weather was great for the 6 days we skied and horrible for the 2 days we took off. I've gotta say thanks to Randy Pelkey for letting us join in with his group, there's no way we could've set this venue up on our own. On our days off on in the afternoons Errol would go road biking, golfing or ride moto at a track in Bend with my buddy Price.

Also this camp was a chance for Errol and I to really put our heads together about the fine tuning of Skier X details. I can't elaborate on any specifics because I don't want to give away any secrets, but we found a few tricks and changed a couple things with his skiing that will really pay off down the road. We also brought in another coach/tech named Mike Hay, who I've known for many years to help out with some different on-hill ideas and also in the tuning room. Mike was also down at Bachelor with me 2 weeks ago to help out with 3 days of ski/wax/overlay testing. It was 3 of the best days I've had testing and we figured out a ton of "secret info" that will be locked in a vault until race days. Having Mike down here was great and hopefully we can keep him around for awhile.

Now we've got a week off and then down the Jamaica for the related PR and also a well earned vacation for the team. During Jamaica we'll start focusing on dryland training and get the kid in a little better shape for the start gates next season.

- Eric Holmer

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