Kerr Finds Jamaican Hospitality in Blue Mountain, Ontario

Arriving from Europe and welcomed by some very hospitable Jamaicans, Kerr spent the week in their company. Errol’s qualification run for the World Cup was a tough one, because he started right when it began to snow, slowing him down, and finishing 28th. But this did little to deter his enthusiasm to greet and speak to the 200 kids who drove up from Toronto Inner City to spend the day learning how to ski. staged the event on live streaming to Jamaica, where Jamaican school kids also had a chance to ask Kerr some questions. Kerr encouraged them to “Be the best at whatever you do. And even if you aren’t that good, you will be someday if you keep on trying.” Jamaica Consulate General Consul George Ramocan was also at the event to demonstrate his support for Kerr and to speak to the kids.

Kerr speaks to Toronto inner city kidsand youth in Jamaicainspiring them to reach their dreams: Listen to the Audio

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