Hangtown Crossover 2010

CROSSOVER:  Top athletes, past and present, in their respective sports of BMX, MTB, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Skiing, Sur?ng, Wakeboarding, Snowmobile, XC Running join together at the Dirt Diggers North, Lucas Oil AMA Motocross National.

On May 21st 2010, this mixed group of top performers drops into Sacramento, CA for the opportunity to ride motocross on the same track as the Pro’s.  It’s a truly unique opportunity that has no equal in any other event.  Many top athlete’s use motocross as a cross training activity.


  • 1st  Place - Ian Price (Snowboarder)
  • 2nd Place - Shawn Palmer (Snowboarder)
  • 3rd Place - Aaron Cooke (BMX)
  • 6th Place - Errol Kerr (Skier)
  • 9th Place - Daron Rahlves (Skier)
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