Errol Kerr Makes Snow to Train

Check out this write up in American Airlines magazine about Errol Kerr.

IT’S JUST EARLY NOVEMBER, but Errol Kerr is already thinking snow. The sole member of the Jamaican Olympic ski team, Kerr looks at the temperature and humidity gauges by the front door of his American-born mother’s home in Lake Tahoe, Nev. The front yard, with his homemade ski-cross starting ramp, is as bare of snow as the mountains around him, and he knows his Austrian and Swiss competitors are already training in the glaciers of the Alps. He heads to his garage and grabs his welding mask, some iron piping and hoses. It’s time to make snow. After 12 hours of his soldering and spraying, an SUV-size mound of snow is piled on the lawn. His season has begun.

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