Homey’s Corner

Welcome! Comments on this page are written by Eric Holmer, Head Coach of the Jamaica Ski Team.

January 2010 Update

Hey all. Errol and I are hanging out at a Jamaica Ski Team supporter's house right at the base of Blue Mt. Ontario, the site for our next World Cup. The last month has been pretty crazy with a lot of ups and downs. We went over to Europe in … Continue reading

November 2009 Update

Hello all! It's been quite a while since I've written anything about the progress of Errol and our team so I figured just before the season started would be a great time for some updates. The summer and fall have been good and fairly mellow which is just fine with … Continue reading

Training at Mt Bachelor, Oregon - May, 2009

For anyone that reads Homey's Corner sorry I haven't written anything in awhile, it's been a busy season with all the travel, camps already happening and also my move from ski tech at the beginning of the year to head coach part way through. So here's an update of whats … Continue reading

World Championships in Japan - March 2009

Japan World Champs was awesome. We were staying at a hotel with all the other competitors which would usually be a little too much, but Inawashiro had the facilities to accomodate the entire field. Errol and I both had a great time in the hotel and eating in the buffets. … Continue reading